Quality Computer Services is proud to donate our web design services and web hosting services to the Nickolas' Gift Foundation. The owner of Quality Computer Services, Isaac Grover, wrote this personal memorial for his Heaven-sent Angel, Michael Wesley, on November 13, 2006:

My wife and I were happily expecting our first child in early spring, and at the four-month mark on June 16, our son, Michael Wesley, was prematurely born. We have no idea why God chose to receive our son before us, but He did, and we are comfortable not knowing why.

I am slowly coming to terms with the loss of my son. My biggest sadness comes from not knowing what could have been, and from knowing what will not be. We have heard parents praise the good times like the first words, the first steps, the first day of school, etc. and they complain about the bad times like the aromatic diapers, sibling rivalry, and random disobedience. If you are reading this as a parent, please do me a favor and enjoy both the good times and the bad times as they both contribute to your experiences as a parent, experiences that my wife and I simply cannot enjoy at this time.

We are thankful to our family, our friends, and our church family for the support that we have received and continue to receive. We know that in time we will have other children; however, his brothers and sisters will always know that Michael was their older brother so that he will not be forgotten.

We would also like to thank Dawn Borchardt and the Nickolas' Gift Foundation for the donation of the plot where Michael is buried, the memorial casket we have in our house, and the pictures that were taken of Michael shortly after he was born.

If you are a parent, tell your children you love them. If you are a son or daughter, tell your parents you love them. And if you have other family members you care about, tell them, for there may not be a tomorrow.